Results of Survey to be discussed at April 17 Council Meeting

The city council meeting on 4/17 at 7:30 will present the findings of the “Civic Center Improvements – Potential Revenue Measure Survey “.  The agenda can be found here, or by visiting the Council Calendar and downloading a copy.  It is item 10 on the agenda.

We hope you can attend.

The discussion about what the city council will do with the information will be at their 5/1 meeting.


Campbell survey started today!

We’ve heard from a few Campbell residents that they received the survey regarding the Library and Police Station today via text message to their cell phones.

There will be other formats used, but that’s all the info we’ve had so far. If you get the survey via email or land line please feel free to tell us by adding  a comment to this post.

Here’s a link to an  article from the Campbell Reporter and Mercury News about the survey.

Special meeting of Campbell City Council – can you attend?

The city council is having a special meeting on February 2 for priority setting  from 9-3 at the Campbell Community Center.

They have not posted an agenda yet.

Our goal is to get library supporters to sign up for hour long shifts covering the whole meeting to hear what is being discussed. A follow up email on discussions about the library would be appreciated.

If you can help, please send an email to with the time slot(s) you can attend, and we’ll work out a schedule.

Once the agenda is available we will post details.

Input from former Community Librarian

As former Community Librarian of Campbell Library (October 2008 to October 2013), I would like to make a few comments about the immediate need for a major renovation of Campbell Library. First of all, many in our community do not realize that City of Campbell had a needs assessment done in the year 2006 that determined the need of a new library building. Over the years from then to now, much discussion and many community meetings have taken place. During this time, the community’s library needs have continued to be compromised and the condition of the library has continued to deteriorate.

I have first hand experience with managing this facility and can verify that the electrical and plumbing systems provided continual challenges, as did the roof and elevator. The ramps leading to the entrances are very difficult for many library users to navigate. The elevator is extremely small and suffers continual breakdowns. Each time it rained, I had to check for leaks in the roof. In 2008, roofers provided a seal that they predicted would last 8 years. Time is up! Now is the time for a renovation!

Cheryl Houts

Why the library needs an immediate renovation – 4

Today we are focusing on the lack of space in the current library building to provide essential services.

The single room dedicated to Library programs for adults, teens and children is remote and in high demand
  • Programs limitations due to single programming room
  • Children must walk up and down the stairs for story times and programs because the alcove in the children’s area is too small for the number of children and parents that regularly attend.
  • Disrupts adults downstairs
  • There is no stroller parking available
Noise is a constant problem on both levels
  • Noisy areas are adjacent to quiet areas causing conflicts, especially around the Teen section
  • There is no separate quiet area.
  • There are no separate group study or meeting rooms
  • Seating capacity for individuals/groups and shelving are inadequate
The library layout is crowded and forces services into awkward and substandard configurations
  • Book return is sub-optimal due to the facility layout
  • Book return – Cannot be connected to a fully automated return handling system
  • Book return – Not easily accessed from the parking lot
  • Book return – Not in an efficient location for patrons or staff.
  • Book return – Alternative locations have been exhausted
  • The lighting is inadequate and there is a lack of  natural light on the lower level.

Why the library needs an immediate renovation – 3

Today we continue to focus on the status of the building

An independent report commissioned by the city in 2006, noted major problems that are still true today:

Wiring and circuit limitations throughout the building do not support today’s technology requirements
  • The electrical circuits are old and easily tripped.
  • It is not possible to add power outlets for patron use to charge their electronic devices
  • Unable to add more PCs
  • Circuits may not support a modern A/V system.

Why the library needs an immediate renovation – 2

Today we are focusing on the status of the building

An independent report commissioned by the city in 2006, noted major problems that are still true today:

The infrastructure of the library is at end of life requiring a major investment that diverts funds away from library services and library programs
    • The roof is at end of life.
    • Major plumbing repairs are needed.
    • Elevator 
      • Refurbished multiple times and continues to break down regularly.
      • Not up to code, too small – needs to be big enough to accommodate a gurney.
    • The electrical wiring needs a complete overhaul. (More on this in an upcoming post)
    • The building is not energy efficient:
      • No thermal windows
      • No insulation
      • No light sensors to switch lights on/off based on occupancy.

As a library visitor these problems are not obvious (apart from the elevator). However when any of these items fail it significantly affects users of the library.

Why the library needs an immediate renovation – 1

Today we are focusing on ADA compliance

The building is not ADA compliant.  It needs to be fully wheelchair accessible.
  • The entrance ramps on the Harrison Ave side are too steep and do not meet current standards.
  • The entrance on the City Hall side has stairs only.

Everyone, both library visitors and staff, would benefit from the library being upgraded to meet current ADA standards.

Please feel free to leave a comment to let us know how the current ramps and external stairs affect your visits to the library.