Important information for Tuesday’s meeting

As promised, here is the extra information for Tuesday’s council meeting

  • Council meeting starts at 7:30
  • Measure O is the first item under new business.
  • You can find the agenda here. Be warned, it is 491 pages long! That’s not all agenda items but reports and attachments that provide the necessary detail for the meeting. Using the page numbers below selective printing is possible.
  • The Report on Measure O can be found on pages 395 to 406.
  • The Feasibility Study funded by the County Library can be found on pages 407 to 429.
  • The RFP ( Request for Proposal) can be found on pages 430 to 473

Measure O is once again on the Council agenda!

Measure O was passed in the November 2018 election and there has been little news to report since then, but we now need to start paying close attention.

A project update will be given to the City Council at the November 19th council meeting. Please come along if you can to give support to the library. If you have a comment and cannot attend the meeting in person you can write to the mayor and council members ahead of the council meeting.

An update to this post will be sent out with a link to the agenda when it is available, hopefully tomorrow.