Write a ballot measure in no more than 75 words

That was the task given to council staff at the May 1st council meeting. The 75 word limit is actually a California Election Code rule, and just to make it more difficult the rules were updated at the beginning of 2018 to include:

  1. the amount of money to be raised annually
  2. the tax rate and
  3. the duration of the tax.

within the 75 word limit.

The council staff have crafted a such a statement and it will be presented at the next council meeting.

The city council meeting will be held on Tuesday June 5th at 7:30. The Civic Center ballot measure is itemĀ  on the agenda, under “Old Business”. You can download the agenda here.

To find the proposed wording of the ballot measure and the work still to be done to have it appear on the November ballot go to pageĀ 258 of the pdf file. Please don’t panic, this does not imply that 257 pages will be reviewed at the meeting before the ballot measure! Most the of the file is background information for items on the consent calendar.

If you can please come to the June 5th council meeting to show support for the library.