Parcel tax or bond measure??

Last night the city council had 4 funding options before them

  • Parcel Tax to fund $30 million
  • Parcel Tax to fund $40 million
  • Parcel Tax to fund $50 million
  • Bond measure to fund $50 million

We had a great turn out of library supporters, showing a lot of stamina as our agenda item didn’t begin until around 10:15. Several people  spoke passionately about the importance of a new library to the community.  The discussion went on until about 11:15.

The survey showed that a bond measure would be more popular with the voting public. With only 4 councilors involved in the voting 3 of 4 were needed to approve the parcel tax, but a unanimous vote was needed to approve the bond measure.

The motion was for a bond measure for $50 million. We all sat on the edges of our seats as the roll call was taken. It was approved unanimously.

All sense of decorum was lost at that point as we clapped and hugged one another.

Thank you everyone for your help and support as we achieved this first goal. There are several more steps before it gets added to the ballot and more work in educating the voters as we move towards the November election.

But today, let’s just smile.