Summary of Survey Results

The results of the survey to

Assess potential voter support for either a hybrid parcel tax or a bond measure to provide an earthquake-safe, modern library and new police station with funding that cannot be taken by the State;”

were presented at the City Council Meeting on April 17th.

You can find a video of the council session here.  The section of interest starts about 14 minutes into the meeting(Item 10 Civic Center Improvements). Firstly Mayor Paul Resnikoff recused himself from this discussion as his residence is within a specified distance from the library and police station. He then left the meeting and will not be participating in the voting. That leaves 4 council members to vote on the issue. There’s an interesting discussion towards the end of the session about the percentage of the council needed to pass a vote on a parcel tax, versus that needed to pass a vote on a bond measure.

The full report on the survey can be found here.

Here are a few details from the report


  • 14,875 likely November 2018 voters in the  City of Campbell
  • Survey Dates: March 9 through March 29, 2018
  • Interview Length: 20 minutes
  • Sample Size: 531 likely November 2018 voters
  • Margin of Error± 4.18%
  • Interview type:
    • 30 Landline
    • 43 Cell Phone
    • 51 Online from email invitation
    • 407 Online from text invitation

Summary of Results

Ballot Measure

The ballot measure could be either for a parcel tax or a bond measure. The report includes results for various $amounts, too detailed to be included in this summary. The subject of the ballot measure tested was :

To provide an earthquake-safe, modern library and new police station, including:
• improved access for senior and disabled residents;
• new technology center, free high-speed internet, and public computers; and
• police emergency operations and 911 dispatch center that would remain fully operational during a disaster;

Parcel tax option:
  • Total Yes = 61.6%
  • Total No = 33.1%
  • Don’t know or did not answer = 5.3%
Bond Measure Option:
  • Total Yes = 71.0%
  • Total No = 23.3%
  • Don’t know or did not answer = 5.7%

What happens next?

There will be further discussion at the next council meeting on May 1st. It is unclear whether a yes/no decision on whether to proceed with the ballot measure will be made at that meeting. When the agenda is available we’ll post again.