Special meeting of Campbell City Council – can you attend?

The city council is having a special meeting on February 2 for priority settingĀ  from 9-3 at the Campbell Community Center.

They have not posted an agenda yet.

Our goal is to get library supporters to sign up for hour long shifts covering the whole meeting to hear what is being discussed. A follow up email on discussions about the library would be appreciated.

If you can help, please send an email to president@campbellfol.org with the time slot(s) you can attend, and we’ll work out a schedule.

Once the agenda is available we will post details.

2 thoughts on “Special meeting of Campbell City Council – can you attend?”

  1. Unfortunately 2/2 is a working Friday for me so until I see how the week goes I can’t really commit to any time but I would not typically be available until the afternoon, maybe 2-3 PM, at best.

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