Input from former Community Librarian

As former Community Librarian of Campbell Library (October 2008 to October 2013), I would like to make a few comments about the immediate need for a major renovation of Campbell Library. First of all, many in our community do not realize that City of Campbell had a needs assessment done in the year 2006 that determined the need of a new library building. Over the years from then to now, much discussion and many community meetings have taken place. During this time, the community’s library needs have continued to be compromised and the condition of the library has continued to deteriorate.

I have first hand experience with managing this facility and can verify that the electrical and plumbing systems provided continual challenges, as did the roof and elevator. The ramps leading to the entrances are very difficult for many library users to navigate. The elevator is extremely small and suffers continual breakdowns. Each time it rained, I had to check for leaks in the roof. In 2008, roofers provided a seal that they predicted would last 8 years. Time is up! Now is the time for a renovation!

Cheryl Houts