Why the library needs an immediate renovation – 4

Today we are focusing on the lack of space in the current library building to provide essential services.

The single room dedicated to Library programs for adults, teens and children is remote and in high demand
  • Programs limitations due to single programming room
  • Children must walk up and down the stairs for story times and programs because the alcove in the children’s area is too small for the number of children and parents that regularly attend.
  • Disrupts adults downstairs
  • There is no stroller parking available
Noise is a constant problem on both levels
  • Noisy areas are adjacent to quiet areas causing conflicts, especially around the Teen section
  • There is no separate quiet area.
  • There are no separate group study or meeting rooms
  • Seating capacity for individuals/groups and shelving are inadequate
The library layout is crowded and forces services into awkward and substandard configurations
  • Book return is sub-optimal due to the facility layout
  • Book return – Cannot be connected to a fully automated return handling system
  • Book return – Not easily accessed from the parking lot
  • Book return – Not in an efficient location for patrons or staff.
  • Book return – Alternative locations have been exhausted
  • The lighting is inadequate and there is a lack of  natural light on the lower level.

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  1. Adding numbers of parents & children who increasingly attend story hour might be compelling data for those unfamiliar to how popular those programs are.

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