Why the library needs an immediate renovation – 2

Today we are focusing on the status of the building

An independent report commissioned by the city in 2006, noted major problems that are still true today:

The infrastructure of the library is at end of life requiring a major investment that diverts funds away from library services and library programs
    • The roof is at end of life.
    • Major plumbing repairs are needed.
    • Elevator¬†
      • Refurbished multiple times and continues to break down regularly.
      • Not up to code, too small – needs to be big enough to accommodate a gurney.
    • The electrical wiring needs a complete overhaul. (More on this in an upcoming post)
    • The building is not energy efficient:
      • No thermal windows
      • No insulation
      • No light sensors to switch lights on/off based on occupancy.

As a library visitor these problems are not obvious (apart from the elevator). However when any of these items fail it significantly affects users of the library.