Report on Nov 21 City Council Meeting

We had a great turnout of library supporters at the Nov 21 City Council meeting.  Thank you to everyone who attended.

The first item of interest to us
“The City continues to explore new revenue options as it evaluates funding options to support the construction phase of the Civic Center Master Plan and plans to hire a public information consulting services firm to advise the City in placing a local revenue measure on the¬†November 2018 General election ballot”
    • The Council authorized the City Manager to award and execute a contract not to exceed $50,000 for pre-ballot polling services for the purposes of conducting pre-ballot polling and tracking services.

The second item concerned how the the construction phase would be funded. Several options were presented. City staff were instructed to return to council with two or three possible parcel tax options.

If you follow the link to the Campbell City Council on the right you can watch a video of the proceedings.